Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cold soup

When I came upstairs from my 6 am call this morning, Pete said to me, 'I had gazpacho this morning.' I responded dumbly, 'Cold soup?' completely forgetting that our sweet girl is known as Soupy around here. And I know Soupy is a terrible nickname for a girl. I mean, my mom was nice enough to call me 'Cupcake'. I even went so far as to make Soupy a cupcake dress (well, I sort of cut it out, sewed the easy parts and then took something called 'interfacing' and 'puffed sleeves' over to my mom for help) that she refused to wear on her birthday. Aren't they sweet? It's probably for the best since Aunt Feather played cake with her and stuff her full of ice cream and frosting. But, honestly, when you look this good doing it, why would you stop?
Wait. This is someone else's birthday. And I know there are a lot of candles on there. Harry said we had to use them all because the birthday girl was so old. I managed to not kick him.

But, I'm a little worried about what might happen to this unsuspecting pile of fur. I bet if he runs down the steps at 9 pm and yells, 'Daddy! You're home!' he won't get sent right back to bed, either.

So, confess here. When I was tucking this bowl of soup into bed she said, 'I yuv you too, Mom. I make you happy. Will you read one more book? Yast one?' I read two more. How can you not?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I made soup

Monday was early and tested my ability to be gentle, kind, caring and unselfish. Tuesday was busy, and filled with tears. Wednesday seemed insurmountable. Thursday Dan came home and, thank goodness, Sarah, too. Friday was a birthday party for our little cupcake and I may have threatened Dad's cousin Karl until he came over and ate cake.

Saturday. I will borrow words from a friend:

These are gentle, kind people of the highest order. They give of their souls without thought of themselves. Even in the midst of their greatest loss, they take the time to inquire of the well being and health of each person that approached them. Strength. Goodness. Love. This group represents the best that mankind can conjure. We can all hope to be this blessed in life. This assembly of people was truly touched by their departed matriarch for they now display the same 'magic' that she represented in her life.

It's a tall order. And my legs are not as long as her's. Just get in the driver's seat of her car and wonder where on earth she kept all of those legs.

Sunday we attempted to decompress and ate too much breakfast with our Aunt Feather. Monday the sun shone and we said our last goodbye, forever knowing that it wasn't really goodbye. It's just a different kind of hello from now on. But honestly, nobody likes change!

Yesterday I made soup. Because tomato soup and grilled cheese is one of the small pleasures in life. And you should make this soup. Really, it will let you float on a cloud of fall heaven. And I try not to tell you what to do, but really, you must. (There's that line about doing what you're good at - I know, I know.)

And, I miss my mom. So, I get to tell you what to do. Just for a little bit. And, just in case you, like me, are crying now, just remember that Suzy makes you happy. Just ask her. She'll tell you so.
And don't ever forget just how loved you are. It's not any more or less than you need, but if you're as lucky as I am, it's slightly more than you deserve.