Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Working on the railroad

Harry and Suzy sing all the time. The sing when they are in the car, running around the yard, at bedtime, while they are in the bath (individually these days - the joint baths are over after the 'no Suzy, my tail is in front' conversation), while they are in the bathroom doing other things. Suzy names songs with colors: Inch by Inch is the green song, All through the night is the beautiful pink song, Goodnight sweetheart is the blue song and so on. Some of Harry's favorites are 'I've been working on the railroad'. He sings it a little off tune and never gets the words right, so when we were headed to Chicago for some fun a couple weeks back, I couldn't resist this shot.

See, he's not really a morning guy. He's a complete and total grouch and moves about as fast as lead. But, he's easy. You just say, if you hide a smile it only gets bigger. And he can't stand it.

Now, our girl is another story. She pops up, happy to be awake and demands chocolate milk and cartoons because, hooray! it's another day! You might even be able to put on a penguin suit after your train ride while you're at the Shedd Aquarium. Have you ever seen a cuter penguin?
Not to worry though, after you are cruelly stripped of your penguin costume, there's a boat ride over to Navy Pier and more fun on the (oddly expensive) rides with your cousin Liam.
And just when you think it couldn't get any better, your Aunt Sarah takes you and your cousin Eddie (I really sort of love that my kids have a cousin Eddie and almost hope that he gets an RV) for a ride on the carousel.

It's no wonder you've always got a song.

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