Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A gift

The kids gave Pete and fabulous Father's Day gift this year. On Thursday, we packed up and drove about as far north as the great state of Wisconsin would let us to visit my sister Mimi.

We stopped a Summit Lake for a swim. If you haven't been to Summit Lake, you should hop on 45 and go. It's worth the drive. Plus, it's like a historic site, since that's where I took my first steps. Really. And, the dudes there are awesome. Check out this guy:
Suzy was kind enough to teach us that it's important to accessorize.

And then, thank goodness. Oh, wait, I didn't tell you this part yet. We let Pete stay home. I took the kids by myself. But, wait, thank goodness I was saying, we found Oma and Papa. And they read us a story. And posed for crazy pictures.

But Aunt Mimi... she took us to an excellent restaurant with great waitstaff and got us a fire house/ambulance tour.

We may have lost a tooth along the way (and composed an explanatory note to the tooth fairy related to digestion) but Suzy hasn't been the same since I caught her with those 4 salty dogs.

Did I mention that Pete stayed home? I know, how awesome am I?

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