Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Running away from home

We ran away to Boston last week Wednesday. The kids were on an Oma/Grandma vacation. A good time was had by all. Predictably, Pete and I decided we should really move to Boston since it is such a nice city and there's all that chowder around (well, not as much as there was before we got there) and the nice sea air and the historical places and the exorbitant cost of living. Sigh. But, we were happy for a bit.

Our sweet girl expanded her vocabulary while we were gone - on Wednesday, just after our plane took off, she declared, 'Shoe?' to my mother. And yesterday, she managed 'bubbles?'. I really like how each one actually starts off as a question. Meanwhile, she's working on something that sounds like 'Daisy' but might actually be Suzy.

Oh, and Harry. He declared, upon returning to my parent's house on Friday night: 'This is the kind of house I like; no dog, no angry parents and 103 movies!'

I don't think Daisy likes him anymore anyways.

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