Friday, September 4, 2009


And he's off. He loved the first full day and was excited to go back today. But, I didn't think this would happen so fast. I mean, we just had this:

And this:

Honestly. Where did it go? How did we get to this conversation, out on the driveway, not 2 hours ago:

Harry: 'Mom, I can walk to school by myself. You could just stay here.'
Cindy: 'Well, how about I walk with you today and then next week you walk by yourself?'
Harry: 'Well I would be comfortable if you would just walk me over to the white house by the fence.'
Cindy: 'I'll just walk you to school.'
Harry: 'But I want to go by myself.'

So I walked him halfway there. And he didn't want to hold my hand. He did turn around and make sure I was there, though.

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