Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekday Mornings

I feel really blessed that we don't have to rush out of the house by a certain time every weekday morning. Don't get me wrong, mornings are plenty harried around here, but usually the Harry gets to lay on the couch and watch some cartoons and wade his way through a bowl of Waffle Crisp. Lately, they have been snuggling together to watch some cartoons, and it's really just the sweetest thing. It doesn't look anything like this photo, but it's still awfully cute.

And will you look at how green that grass is???


Anonymous said...

just saw your post on David Lebovitz's blog about Babcock Hall Orange/Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Oh in Paris, I thought I could get over that flavor...I was wrong! I'm married to a it's his fault.

cindy said...

hm. i think it's really not possible to get over orange/chocolate chip. if it traveled well, i would bring you some.