Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Vernacular

I think every household has it's own personality. The combination of people that make the home, the unique scent, the refrigerator decorations and of course, the language. When 2 people live together, the patterns, usage and rhythm blend to create the language of the home. If you add children to the mix, it introduces not only a new set of vocabulary, but developing pronunciation and word discovery. As you know, I like language, I've even called it fun sometimes. And, I think there are some funny things about the language of our home.

For example:

Shakies: Lego guy hand cuffs
Nappies: diapers
Pretty hot dog: any meat we're feeding Harry that is not: hot dog, chicken nugget or meatball
Dragon: Qdoba

And the latest:
Suzy muffins: dirty nappies

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